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ABA Network   Full Record
American Bar Association

All Law   Full Record
Excellent metasite for law and general subjects.

American Law Sources On-Line (ALSO)   Full Record
US, Canada, and Mexico law: federal and state.

Antitrust Policy   Full Record
This is "an on-line resource linking economic research, policy and cases."

Capitol Reporter   Full Record
The Capitol Reporter is a weekly record of news and happenings in the Colorado legislature.

Code of Federal Regulations   Full Record
Via GPO.

Colorado Bar Association   Full Record
This is the official page of the Colorado Bar Association. The page contains links to Colorado Supreme Court and Court of Appeals decisions. Also, the 5-year article index to their publication, The Colorado Lawyer is also available.

Colorado Court of Appeals Opinions   Full Record
Full-text of Colorado Court of Appeals Opinions from October 1996 to present.

Colorado Revised Statutes   Full Record
1997 CRS without annotations. Search by word, number of title/section, or for court rules.

Colorado State Legislature Information   Full Record
Official site for the 1997 of the Colorado Legislature (January 8 - May 7). Contains indexes to House and Senate Bills, House and Senate Calendars, House and Senate Bill Status Sheets, full text of current House and Senate Bills, and House and Senate Journals.

Colorado Supreme Court Decisions   Full Record
Full-text of opinions from October 1996 to present.

Constitution of the United States (via GPO Access)   Full Record
This is Senate Document No. 103-6.

Constitutions, Statutes, and Codes (Federal and State)   Full Record
State codes, session laws, bill tracking.

Cornell Legal Research Encyclopedia   Full Record
A compilation of legal resources by subject.

Cornell Legal Research Encyclopedia   Full Record
Cornell Law Library

Dan's Australian Law Index 3   Full Record
More than Australian law.

Federal Register   Full Record
Via GPO. 1995 onward.

Federal Rules of Evidence   Full Record
1996 ed from the Legal Information Institute (Cornell).

Findlaw   Full Record
Full text searchable database of all law reviews and journals on the Internet. Updated nightly. Also includes legal forms, organizations, law firms and lawyers, judicial opinions and case law, consultants, and more.

FindLaw for Legal Professionals   Full Record
Legal subject index, statutes, law schools, libraries, continuing legal information, federal and state government links, foreign and international resources, and much more.

GAO Comptroller General Decisions (via GPO Access)   Full Record
This database, sponsored by the U.S. General Accounting Office (GAO), contains decisions made by the Comptroller General in the areas of Federal law such as appropriations, bid protests, civilian or military personnel pay and allowances, household goods and freight loss damage, and transportation rates.

Government of Canada   Full Record
Official site.

Internet Legal Resource Guide   Full Record
A categorized index of 2600 select web sites in 238 nations, islands, and territories, as well as more than 400 locally stored web pages and other files.

Introduction to Basic Legal Citation (2000-2001 ed.)   Full Record
The Bluebook online.

Lawoffice.com (West's Legal Directory)   Full Record
West's Legal Directory (WLD) is a free service of West Publishing that makes it easy to learn about law firms, government offices, corporate law offices and lawyers in the United States and Canada.

Legal Information Institute (Cornell Law School)   Full Record
From Cornell University.

LegalMinds   Full Record
From FindLaw.

List of Public Laws   Full Record
No full text. Just a recent list. Covers 103rd Congress to the present.

Martindale-Hubbell Law Directory   Full Record
Search engine to locate lawyers by name, firm, or specialization.

Meta-Index for U.S. Legal Research   Full Record
Links to most of the searchable legal indexes on the Web and many of the searchable U.S. legal sources available.

Municipal Code Corporation Database   Full Record
This database is a collection consisting mostly of local government Codes of Ordinances from around the United States.

National Center for Agricultural Law Research and Information   Full Record
Bibliographies on agricultural law and environmental law.

Oceana Publications, Inc.   Full Record
Treaty database, 1989 to present.

Police Officer's Internet Directory   Full Record
Links to law enforcement agencies, wanted lists, criminal justice sources, and much more.

Political Database of the Americas   Full Record
The database provides documentary and statistical political information on Latin America.

Privacy Act Notices (via GPO Access)   Full Record
The Privacy Act Issuances, 1995 Compilation Online Database contains descriptions of Federal agency systems of records maintained on individuals and rules agencies follow to assist individuals who request information about their records.

Research Guide to International Law on the Internet   Full Record
International law and Italian law.

SCALEplus (Australia Law)   Full Record
The Australian Federal Attorney-General's Department database of legal data on the Internet. The databases can be Searched and Browsed. It includes Commonwealth Legislation, Commonwealth Caselaw, State & Territory Legislation, and State & Territory Caselaw.

Search All Circuit Courts   Full Record
Search and retrieve cases from all federal circuits from October 1994 to present.

SECLAW.com: An Online Guide to Securities Law   Full Record
For the securities lawyer.

Securities Class Action Clearing House   Full Record
Comprehensive coverage.

Securities Fraud and Investor Protection   Full Record
For the lawyer.

The Avalon Project at the Yale Law School   Full Record
The Avalon Project contains digital documents relevant to the fields of law, history, economics, politics, diplomacy, and government.

The Virtual Chase   Full Record
Assists legal professionals conducting research on the Internet.

U.S. Business Advisor   Full Record
Trade, export, finance, doing business with government, labor, laws, etc.

U.S. Tax Code On-line   Full Record
Search 26 US Code and more.

United States Dept. of Justice Press Releases   Full Record
Official press releases from 1994 to the present.

University Law Review Project   Full Record
Contains listing by subject of law reviews, some with abstracts and some with full text

WashLaw Web   Full Record
From Washburn University School of Law. The purpose of REFLAW is to provide access to legal reference information available on the Internet. Contains US, foreign, and international materials, finding aids, and links.

World Wide Constitutions   Full Record

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