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1992 Economic Census   Full Record
The Economic Census, from the Census Bureau, offers extensive data, as well as narrative summaries, for most sectors of the United States economy in 1992. Even allows searches by ZIP code. Clickable maps make it easy. From Oregon State University.

Beige Book: Current Economic Conditions   Full Record
Each Federal Reserve Bank gathers anecdotal information on current economic conditions in its District.

Bureau of Economic Analysis   Full Record
The Bureau of Economic Analysis is an agency of the Department of Commerce. Along with the Census Bureau and STAT-USA, BEA is part of the Department's Economics and Statistics Administration.

Dr. Ed Yardeni's Economics Network   Full Record
Links to numerous charts covering US, foreign, and global interest rates, financial exchange rates, and financial history. Of special interest are Dow Jones Industrial averages from 1920 to present, S&P 500 Index from 1920 to present, and foreign exchange rates from 1913 to present.

Economic Indicators   Full Record
Via GPO.

Economic Indicators Monthly   Full Record
Via University of California GPO Gate.

Economics Working Paper Archive   Full Record
From the Economics Dept. of Washington University (St. Louis).

Economist   Full Record
Access to book reviews, recent articles, and surveys.

Economy-Wide Sources from the U.S. Bureau of the Census   Full Record
Official site includes explanation of NAICS (successor to SIC Codes), County Business Patterns, statistics of U.S. businesses, enterprise statistics, and many other resources.

International Accounts Data   Full Record
This is not the complete government document, but excerpted tables via the Bureau of Economic Analysis.

Journal of Economic Literature (JEL) Classification System   Full Record
Classification system for EconLit.

Nobel Prize Internet Archive   Full Record
Find Nobel Prize winners in physics, chemistry, literature, peace, economics, and physiology & medicine. Not the official site.

OECD Publications   Full Record
Official page. Great statistical source.

Regional Economic Information System   Full Record
Via U. Virginia Library. The REIS data base provides local area economic data for states, counties, and metropolitan areas for 1969-1994.

Regional Economic Information System: 1969-1997   Full Record
Via Oregon State. The Regional Economic Information System (REIS), from the Bureau of Economic Analysis, presents estimates of personal income and per capita personal income for 1969-1997.

Salary Calculator   Full Record
Use this calculator to compare the cost of living in hundreds of U.S. and International cities. Start by choosing your origin and destination. Canada and other (non-U.S.) countries are the last two options in each list.

The Nobel Foundation   Full Record
This is the official site of the Nobel Foundation.

U.S. Direct Investment Abroad   Full Record
This is not the complete government document, but excerpted tables via the Bureau of Economic Analysis.

U.S. Imports/Exports History: 1994-1998   Full Record
The U.S. Import and Export History databases, from the Census Bureau, contain the value and quantity of commodities imported or exported from 1991 to 1995. From Oregon State University.

United States Monetary Policy   Full Record
Helpful for background and definitions.

USDA Economics and Statistics System   Full Record
Nearly 300 datasets.

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