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Citation Hope, Kempe Ronald, ed. Challenges of Transformation and Transition from Centrally Planned to Market Economies, UNCRD Research Report Series, no. 26. Nagoya, Japan: United Nations Centre for Regional Development; People's Republic of China: Development Research Center of the State Council, 1998.


Challenges of Transformation and Transition from Centrally Planned to Market Economies

Year 1998
Hope, Kempe Ronald Professor, Faculty of Social Sciences, University of Botswana, Gaborone, Botswana
Material Type Edited Book
Pages 181 p.
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UNCRD Research Report Series


p. 1-11 Assessing Social Development Efforts in Transitional Economies: From the General to the Specific

p. 13-30 Social Development Trends in Transition Economies, 1970-95

p. 31-46 Unemployment and Employment in China's Transition

p. 47-61 Trade Liberalization and Industrial Competitiveness: Challenges Ahead for Vietnam

p. 63-74 The State and Poverty in Transitional Economies

p. 75-86 Social Policy in the Transition Period: The Hungarian Family Support System on the Turn of the Millennium

p. 87-99 Appropriate Competition Policy for Transitional Economies

p. 101-110 State, the Market, and Civil Society: Building Sustainable Communities in Transitional Economies

p. 111-115 HIV Epidemic in Coutries with Economies under Transition: A Note on the Case of Poland

p. 117-125 Prospects for and Issues on the Chinese Economy in Transition

p. 127-137 China's Rural and Urban Employment in the Reform Era: Recent Trends and Policy Issues

p. 139-150 State-owned Enterprise Reform in China: A Workshop Approach

p. 151-163 Trend of China's March into the 21st Century and Main Policy Issues

p. 165-178 China's Economic System Towards 2020

Subjects COLLECTIVE ECONOMY 03.03.02
Control No. RR 26