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Citation Marga Institute. Rural-Urban Relations in Sri Lanka: A Case Study, UNCRD Country Monograph. Nagoya, Japan: United Nations Centre for Regional Development, 1979.


Rural-Urban Relations in Sri Lanka: A Case Study

Year 1979
Marga Institute Colombo, Sri Lanka
Material Type Edited Book
Pages 462 p.
Relationships Part of

UNCRD Country Monograph


p. 1-55 Review of Major National Development Policies

p. 57-86 Synthesis of Major Findings in Respect of Rural-Urban Transformation as a Consequence of National Policies

p. 87-130 Poverty and the Urban-Rural Relationship in Sri Lanka

p. 134-139 Introduction to the City of Colombo

p. 140-160 Shanty Communities of Colombo City with Special Reference to Two Locations

p. 162-196 Study of a Metropolitan Community in Close Proximity to the Rural Hinterland

p. 198-220 Study of a Metropolitan Location with Residential Predominance by an Ethnic Minority

p. 221-233 Rural Community in the Metropolitan Shadow Region: A Case Study of Pahala Horape Village

p. 234-242 Migration and the Informal Sector

p. 243-304 Rural-Urban Relations in the Dry Zone: A Case Study of a Lower Order Centre (Kekirawa) and a Village in the Periphery

p. 305-330 Study of Rural-Urban Relations in Two Locations in the Low-Country Wet Zone: An Interior Village and a Fishing Village in the Matara District

p. 331-348 Study of Rural-Urban Relations in the Up-Country Wet Zone

p. 349-403 Study of the District Capital, Kegalle

p. 404-445 Lower Order Centres and Their Rural Hinterland

p. 446-462 Significance of Road Communications and Transportation in Rural-Urban Growth and the Rural-Urban Balance in Sri Lanka (A Study with Special Reference to Kegalle District)

Subjects CASE STUDIES 18.04.01
SRI LANKA 01.04.04
Control No. CM 1979 RUS