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Citation Lavrov, S. B., V. V. Pokshishevsky, and G. V. Sdasyuk, eds. Regionalization for Planning in the USSR: Concepts, Methods, and Practice, UNCRD Country Monograph. Nagoya, Japan: United Nations Centre for Regional Development, 1985.


Regionalization for Planning in the USSR: Concepts, Methods, and Practice

Year 1985
Lavrov, S. B. Professor, Vice-President of the Geographical Society of the USSR Head of Chair of Economic Geography of the Geographical Department, Leningrad State University
Pokshishevsky, V. V. Professor, Institute of Ethnography of the USSR Academy of Science, Moscow
Sdasyuk, Galina V. Senior Researcher, Institute of Geography of the USSR, Academy of Science, Moscow
Material Type Edited Book
Pages 273 p.
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UNCRD Country Monograph


p. xiii-xxxii International Role of the Soviet Experience of Regional Development

p. 1-28 From the History of Regionalization for Planning in the USSR

p. 29-53 Soviet Methodology of Regionalization for the Purpose of Planning

p. 54-72 Utilization of Natural Resources and Territorial Division of Labour at the Present Stage of the USSR's Socioeconomic Development

p. 73-95 Ethnodemographical Principles of Administrative and Political Division of the USSR

p. 96-112 Ecological Regionalization for Spatial Planning: Present State and Future Tasks

p. 113-132 Agricultural Regionalization

p. 133-152 Industrial Regionalization Problems

p. 153-183 Transport-Economic System of Links and Regionalization

p. 184-203 On Planning and Control of Settlement Systems in the USSR

p. 204-221 Territorial Production Complexes as Tools of Regional Development

p. 222-240 Physical Planning in the USSR: History, Theory, Practice

p. 241-249 Soviet Experience in Territorial Planning

p. 250-272 Regional Design in the Eastern Part of the Baikal-Amur Mainline (Bam)

Subjects REGIONAL PLANNING 02.01.02
USSR 01.04.05
Control No. CM 1985 RP