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Citation Information Systems for Government and Business: Trends, Issues, Challenges. Nagoya, Japan: United Nations Centre for Regional Development, 1988.


Information Systems for Government and Business: Trends, Issues, Challenges

Year 1988
Material Type Edited Book
Pages 587 p.
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p. 15-75 Using Information Systems to Compete Successfully in Today's World: A Challenge to Managers

p. 77-94 Microcomputer Technology and Regional Planning: Prospects and Challenges for the Developing World

p. 95-103 Theory of the Urban Environmental Master Plan for Kawasaki City and Development Guiding Principle for the Supporting Planning Information System

p. 105-147 Changing Data and Information Needs for Agricultural Planning: The Challenge for the Developing Countries

p. 151-162 Infoterra: A Global Environemntal Information Network

p. 163-169 Promoting Spatially-Oriented Referencing Systems Development at the International Level

p. 171-185 Information Systems Project for Urban and Regional Planning in China

p. 187-200 Information Systems Project for Urban Planning at the Bangkok Metropolitan Administration

p. 201-240 Remote Sensing System and Digital Processing for Regional Planning and Urban Monitoring in Indonesia

p. 241-268 Evaluating the State of Information Systems in Amsterdam

p. 269-283 Information Processing System for Disaster Management

p. 287-315 Problems of Implementation of and Training in Information Systems for Subnational Development Planning

p. 317-362 Educating Planners in Information Technology: Exeriences from Developed and Developing Countries

p. 363-387 Development of Curricula in the Field of Geo-Information Systems: The ITC Experience

p. 389-419 Training for Information Resources Management in Public Administration: UN/DTCD's Case

p. 423-431 Information Systems for Rural Development

p. 433-457 Development Strategies Concerning Information Systems in Urban and Regional Planning

p. 459-492 Designing and Implementing Information Systems Strategies

p. 493-504 Strategies for Developing and Implementing Information Systems in Public Administration: From Classical Informatics to New Information Technologies

p. 505-516 Effective Information Systems Strategies for the Government Service: The Singapore Experience

p. 517-522 Strategic Use of Information Systems among Japanese Private Corporations

p. 525-572 Technology for People: A Campus City Guide

Subjects BUSINESS 12.04.01
Control No. 1988 IS