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Citation Disaster Management in Metropolitan Areas for the 21st Century. Proceedings of the IDNDR Aichi/Nagoya International Conference, 1-4 November, Nagoya, Japan, UNCRD Proceedings Series, No. 1. Nagoya, Japan: United Nations Centre for Regional Development, 1994.


Disaster Management in Metropolitan Areas for the 21st Century. Proceedings of the IDNDR Aichi/Nagoya International Conference, 1-4 November, Nagoya, Japan

Year 1994
Material Type Conference Proceedings
Pages 575 p.
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UNCRD Proceedings Series


p. 117-124 IDNDR: Its Importance for Metropolitan Areas

p. 127-135 Impacts of Volcanic Eruptions and Earthquakes and Disaster Mitigation Measures in the Philippines

p. 137-145 Trends in Urban Earthquake Hazard and Earthquake Hazard Mitigation in Developing and Industrialized Countries

p. 147-150 Emergency Relief in the Context of the World's Natural Disasters

p. 155-170 Characteristics of Urban Natural Disaster and its Scenarios Toward Catastrophe

p. 171-179 Potential Hazards and Vulnerability in Urban Development of Rio de Janeiro

p. 181-190 Vulnerability Assessment and its Application in Peru

p. 191-211 Socioeconomic and Environmental Impacts of Flood Control Facilities in Dhaka City

p. 213-221 Earthquake Damage Caused by District Differences in Urban Structure: Lessons Learned from the 12 October 1992 Earthquake

p. 225-239 Urban Planning Based on Disaster Risk Assessment

p. 241-249 Cost-Effectiveness of Disaster Mitigation in the Development of a Metropolis

p. 251-260 ViSP -- A New Methodology in Urban Planning and Disaster Management

p. 261-270 Introduction of a Vulnerability Assessment System to Development Planning

p. 271-281 Disaster Vulnerability in the Formal and Informal City: Lessons from Istanbul

p. 283-290 Control of Construction Activities for Disaster Mitigation in Metro Manila

p. 295-303 Lifelines in Urban Areas: To What Extent Can Their Importance During Disasters be Justified

p. 305-315 Lifeline Seismic Disaster Mitigation: Research and Implementation

p. 317-325 Seismic Damage of Lifeline Facilities and Disaster Prevention in China

p. 327-335 Seismic Monitoring and Emergency City Gas Operating Systems

p. 337-349 Damage of Highways and Effects on Passengers/Goods Flow in Disaster Emergency

p. 353-358 Hospital Functions After an Earthquake Disaster

p. 359-367 Hosptial Disaster Mitigation in Latin America and the Caribbean

p. 369-376 Cyclone Shelter and its Multipurpose Use

p. 377-381 Disaster Protection of School Buildings

p. 383-389 Seismic Damage and Reconstruction of Tangshan City

p. 391-399 Island of Civilization: Key to Urban Disaster Mitigation Due to Large Scale Lifeline Functional Failure

p. 405-419 Development of Urban Disaster Prevention in Nagoya City after the Ise Bay Typhoon

p. 421-430 Experiences, Strategies, and Courses of Action for the Prevention and Management of Emergencies in Mexico City

p. 431-439 Seoul City's Approaches and Problems in Preventing Metropolitan Disasters

p. 441-448 Recent Earthquake in Maharashtra, India: Uncertainty, Existing Reality, and Task Ahead: A Report

p. 451-456 Aichi Prefecture's Efforts Against the Tokai Earthquake and Approaches to the Residents

p. 457-461 Disaster Relief Activities and Problems of Civil Protection Organizations in the World

p. 463-471 Disaster Reduction Role of Government in Enhancing People's Participation

p. 473-478 Review of Volunteer Relief Activities in San Francisco Following the 1989 Loma Prieta Earthquake

p. 479-485 Activities of Volunteers in Disaster Management in the Philippines and their Problems

p. 489-499 Probability Forecast for Disaster Preparedness

p. 501-510 Observation and Forecasting of Heavy Rainfall in China

p. 511-521 Remote Sensing and Heavy Rainfall Disasters

p. 523-531 Toward the Global Seismic Hazard Assessment

p. 535-540 Disaster Management: Lessons from the Loma Prieta Earthquake

p. 541-546 Impact of Greater Dhaka City Flood Protection Structures on Domestic Waste Disposal

p. 547-554 Disaster Management in Metropolitan Dhaka

p. 555-559 Flood Disaster Management in Viet Nam

p. 561-565 Analysis of Tropical Storms Making Landfall on China and the USA and of Disaster Mitigation in the Last Decade

URBAN AREAS 14.04.03
Abstract Conference sponsored by UNCRD, Japanese Government Headquarters for the IDNDR, Aichi Prefectural Government, City of Nagoya, Japan National Committee for the IDNDR, and the World Bank 
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