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Citation Regional Development Dialogue, Vol. 21, No. 2, Autumn 2000


Regional Development Dialogue, Vol. 21, No. 2, Autumn 2000

Year 2000
Guest Editor
Dreiblatt, David Adjunct Professor, Columbia University, New York, NY, USA
Material Type Journal Issue
Pages 214 p.
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Regional Development Dialogue


p. 1-9 Public-Private Sector Partnership Approach to Sustainable Municipal Solid Waste Management and Improvement of Social Services Delivery

p. 13-20 Impact of Public-Private Partnerships as an Approach to Social Delivery on Environmental Conservation and Protection

p. 23-34 Public-Private Partnership as an Approach to Social Delivery on Environmental Conservation and Protection: Ecological Waste Management in Puerto Princesa City, Palawan, Philippines

p. 39-52 Human Development in the Era of Crisis: Northeast Asia in the 1990s

p. 56-64 Regional Disparities in Lao PDR

p. 67-78 Poverty Alleviation and Regional Disparities in Indonesia

p. 83-94 Beautiful Bulgaria Projects

p. 98-106 Conceptual Framework for Public-Private Partnership and Its Applicability to Local Programmes for Social Progress in the Asian Context

p. 109-115 Efficiency and Effectiveness of the Public-Private Sector Partnership Approach to Poverty Eradication

p. 119-130 Philippine Rural Reconstruction Movement's Community-Based Intervention to Combat Child Labour in Small-Scale Gold Mining Communities in Camarines Norte, Philippines

p. 133-141 Hunger Eradication and Poverty Reduction in Viet Nam

p. 144-150 Using High-Tech to Reduce Poverty and Regional Disparities

p. 151-154 New Development Strategy for Underdeveloped Areas: Partnership between the Public and Private Sectors for Social Development

p. 157-162 Poverty Eradication: The Role of the China Society for Promoting the Guangcai Programme

p. 163-166 Key Points to Advance the Guangcai Programme into the New Century

p. 167-170 Guangcai Programme in Liaocheng

p. 171-174 Strengthening the Help-the-Poor Development Base through Promoting the Guangcai Programme

p. 175-178 Guangcai Programme's Approach to Achieving Common Prosperity

p. 179-180 Poverty Alleviation and the Role of China's Private Enterprises

p. 181-185 Maintaining a Green Environment for Future Generations

p. 186-190 Role of Private Enterprises in Resolving Regional Disparities

p. 191-193 Guangcai Village," Ningxia Autonomous Region: A Result of Cooperation among Government, Local Enterprises, and Social forces for Poverty Alleviation

p. 194-198 Poverty Alleviation Activities Undertaken by the New Hope Group in Liangshan Autonomous Prefecture

p. 199-202 Importance of Cultural Integration in Assisting an Ethnic-Minority Region

p. 203-205 Constructing the Three Gorges Dam -- A National Project

p. 206-210 Comment on Chinese Articles

Subjects CHINA 01.04.04
Abstract Thematic issue: Public-private partnership for poverty eradication and local development: Highlighting the Chinese experience. The last 12 articles are on "China's Guangcai Programme". 
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