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Citation Regional Development Dialogue, Vol. 5, No. 2, Autumn 1984


Regional Development Dialogue, Vol. 5, No. 2, Autumn 1984

Year 1984
Guest Editor
Mathur, Om Prakash
Guest Editor
Moser, Caroline O. N.
Material Type Journal Issue
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Regional Development Dialogue


p. 3-40 Role of the Informal Sector in Developing Countries: An Overview

p. 55-62 Tradition and Modernity in Urban Employment in Developing Nations

p. 63-74 Informal Sector and the Development of Third World Cities

p. 77-81 On City-Size and the Contribution of the Informal Sector: Some Hypotheses and Research Questions

p. 82-85 Informal Sector in Cities of Different Sizes: An Explanation within the Core Theoretic Framework

p. 86-95 City-Size and the Informal Sector

p. 96-102 Note on the Size of the Informal Sector Employment in Small- and Medium-Sized Cities of Ivory Coast

p. 105-113 Impact of the Informal Sector on Urban and Rural Socioeconomic Development in China

p. 123-131 Informal Sector in Socialist Economies: A Reexamination of the Relationship of the Informal Sector to Development

p. 135-178 Informal Sector Reworked: Viability and Vulnerability in Urban Development

p. 184-203 Researching Street Occupations of Cali: The Rationale and Methods of What Many Would Call and 'Informal Sector Study'

p. 204-212 Some Notes on Intensive Growth and Labour Productivity in Informal Sector Firms in Kumasi: A Case Study

p. 215-230 The Urban Informal Sector: A Bibliography

Subjects INFORMAL SECTOR 08.02.02
URBAN AREAS 14.04.03
Abstract Thematic issue: The Urban Informal Sector

Organized into five parts:

Part One: Review of the Informal Sector Concept
Part Two: City-Size and the Informal Sector
Part Three: The Informal Sector in Socialist Economies
Part Four: Approach and Research Methodology
Part Five: The Urban Informal Sector: A Bibliography 

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