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Entries for INTERNET

Alertbox: Current Issues in Web Usability   Full Record
Archived articles on Web design and management.

Budgetweb List of Web Space Providers   Full Record
Find Web space providers.

Cataloging Internet Resources: A Manual and Practical Guide   Full Record
The why and the how.

DaveCentral   Full Record
Software downloads. Search Discussions   Full Record
Search Internet discussion groups (newsgroups) for topics or people.

Domain Name Registries Around the World   Full Record
Check top level domain name registrations worldwide.

Electronic Privacy Information Center   Full Record
Encryption/cryptography   Full Record
Frequently Asked Questions answered.

Hermes: A Research Project on the Commercial Uses of the World Wide Web   Full Record

Hitting the I-Way   Full Record
Intro to the Internet.

Hobbes' Internet Timeline   Full Record
History of the Internet from 1957 to present.

How the Internet Works   Full Record
A clear presentation explaining the technologies that enable the Internet to work.

Internet Chamber of Commerce   Full Record
Colorado organization.

Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN)   Full Record

Internet Product Watch   Full Record
Mecklermedia Corporation   Full Record
Daily Internet news.

InterNIC Registration Services   Full Record
Search for information on domain names and their owners.

Librarian's Index to the Internet   Full Record
Includes subjects difficult to find other places.

Librarian's Index to the Internet   Full Record
This metasite provides a browsable and searchable to useful resources on the Internet. It is maintained by Carole Leita and is part of the University of California, Berkeley Sunsite Web site.

MetaSpy   Full Record
See what others are searching for on the Web!

Never Forget   Full Record
This service reminds you with an email message.

Nua Internet Surveys   Full Record
Searchable database of Internet trends and surveys.

Roads and Crossroads of Internet's History   Full Record
Clearly presented history of the Internet and factors leading to its development.   Full Record
Shop for nearly everything imaginable on the Web. Search engine enables you to navigate quickly.

StrategyWeb   Full Record
StrategyWeb is a source of free information for Strategic Planners and Competitive Intelligence professionals.

The Bare Bones Guide to HTML   Full Record
All HTML tags in common usage.

The Internet Index   Full Record
Facts and statistics about the Internet and related activities.

The Java Machine   Full Record
Create your own simple Java logos and effects.

The Weekly Freebie Compilation   Full Record
Guide to presenting free things available over the Internet.   Full Record
A comprehensive list of Internet listserves, newsgroups, ftp sites, and more.

U.S. Government Printing Offices PURL Information Page   Full Record
Persistent Uniform Resource Locators for US government

United States National Information Infrastructure Virtual Library   Full Record
National Institute of Standards and Technology

Virtual Tourist   Full Record
A geographic directory of all the WWW servers in the world.

Web Presence Providers Who Host Sites Created with FrontPage 98   Full Record
From Microsoft.

Web Site Resources   Full Record
For beginners.

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