Thesis from Europe

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Virginia O. del Rosario. Lifting the smokescreen: dynamics of mail order bride migration from the Philippines. The Hague. says it's a thesis, but no university name is given. Institute of Social Studies, 1994.


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I used the College and University Home Pages site to locate the University of Amsterdam Web site A search of their OPAC (telnet:// gives this result:

Lifting the smoke screen : dynamics of mail-order bride migration from the
Philippines / Virginia O. del Rosario. - The Hague : Institute of Social
Studies, 1994. - 376 p. ; 23 cm
Proefschrift Institute of Social Studies, Den Haag.

1 plaatsnummer : 137: IMAG Cj 700 Ros
Inst.137: Mod. Aziatische Geschiedenis(I=informatie)