Finding Correct Serial

Citation given by patron:

H. Bohle, T. Downing, M. Watts. "Climate Change and Social Vulnerability." Global Environmental Change, v.4, no. 1, Mar. 1994, pp. 37-48.


Searching OCLC gives to many results for this journal title. I want to verify this article to see if I can get the ISSN. I used Cambridge Scientific Abstracts and chose the "Environmental Sciences" area to search. From there I selected the Environmental Sciences and Pollution Management database and the Environmental Periodicals Bibliography.

The citation came up (from the Pollution Abstracts subfile) showing that the patron's citation was absolutely correct. But it also gave the ISSN as 0959-3780. I then used WorldCat to search by ISSN (sn:0959-3780). Five results came up, three of which were entries for the serial title.

Hint: in WorldCat, the last qualifying serial title usually the one with Colorado holdings (if there are any). It was true in this case.