Unpublished Manuscript

Citation given by patron:

Ryff, C.D., Lee, Y.H., & Na, K.C. Through the lens of culture: psychological well-being at mid life. Unpublished manuscript. University of Wisconsin, Madison, 1993.


A search of OCLC produced no results. A search of the Web using AltaVista to search for the exact title using double quotes around the title produced at least one Web page with a bibliographic reference to the paper confirming that the citation is correct. (http://midmac.med.harvard.edu/pub4.html accessed 1/24/1999). But there was still no place that had the text of the unpublished paper.

In these cases it is best to try to track down the author. We could check the National Faculty Directory to get one of the author's academic affiliation and department contact information.

By going to a WWW list of American universities: http://www.clas.ufl.edu/CLAS/american-universities.html you can navigate to the University of Wisconsin, Madison Web site. By searching faculty names, we find the contact information for Carol Ryff, including phone number and email address.