Hebrew Journal Article #2

Citation given by patron:

Rosen, Mina. "The House of Nasi and the Renewal of Settlement in Tiberias. Journal: Skira Hodshit [Hebrew]. no. 9, Sept. 1979, p. 40.

Solution: First I checked the JUDAICA database, since it covers journal for that period. No results. Then I checked Index to Jewish Periodicals and the International Bibliography of Historical Sciences, still no results.

I checked Ulrich's for this journal title, but nothing.

I then searched OCLC WorldCat this way: ti:skira and pt:ser, but nothing. When I searched this way ti:hodshit and pt:ser, I got the correct result.

ACCESSION:   1798389
AUTHOR:   Israel. Tseva haganah le-Yisra’el. Ketsin hinukh rashi.
TITLE:   Sekirah hodshit.
PLACE:   [Tel-Aviv]
PUBLISHER:   Ma.tkal, Ketsin hinukh rashi.
YEAR:   19uu uuuu
PUB TYPE:   Serial
FORMAT:   ill. 28 cm.
NOTES:   "Yarhon li-ketsine Tsahal."
SUBJECT:   Israel -- Periodicals.

The patron did not have the proper form of entry for the title. I checked Ulrich's again to see if this title was indexed anywhere, but this title was not in Ulrich's.

I still question whether the article is in English or Hebrew.