Hebrew Journal Article #1

Citation given by patron:

Yitzhak BAER. "The Messianic movement in Spain during the period of the expulsion." Journal: Me'assef Zion [Hebrew]. no.5, 1933.

Solution: First I checked the JUDAICA database, since it covers journal for that period. I got hits on Yitzhak Baer, but not for this title. I then checked NUC for the journal title and for entries under Yitzhak Baer (alternate forms of entry are Baer, Yitzhak Fritz; Baer, Fritz). No results.

I then search OCLC WorldCat for the title Meassef Zion, but no results. I changed my search as follows: title word: Zion; type: serial; language: Hebrew. The search string is like this: ti:zion and pt:ser and ln-"Hebrew". With this search I got the correct result:

ACCESSION:   1642248
TITLE:   Tsiyon me'asef. Zion; a quarterly for research in Jewish history.
PLACE:   Jerusalem?
YEAR:   1926 9999
PUB TYPE:   Serial
NOTES:   Tsiyon me'asef is the title transliterated. New series v. 1, no. 1 issued without series statement. Title varies: v. 1-6, Tsiyon me'asef. Added title, new ser., v. 3- : Zion. Summaries in English, new ser., v. 3- . Issued by Historical Society of Israel.

I still wanted to verify the citation, however. I first checked the Combined Retrospective Index to Journals in History, 1838-1974, but no success. I then checked A London Bibliography of the Social Sciences, also no success. I eventually found the citation in the International Bibliography of Historical Sciences (vol. 8, p. 190):

2955. BAER (Fritz). Ha-tenu'ah ha-meshihit bi-Sefarad bi-tekufat ha-gerush. (The Messianic movement in Spain in the period of the expulsion of the Jews.) Zion, 33, vol. 5, p. 61-77.