German Book from 1800s

Citation given by patron:

Napier, Arthur S. The homilies of Wulfstaf (Wulfstan homilies). Berlin. publisher unknown. 1883. This edition only.

An OCLC by this title produced no results. A search by author produced many results, but not sure if results are the same.

The British Museum General Catalogue of Printed Books had the answer:

Napier (Arthur Sampson). Wulfstan. Sammlung der ihm zugeschriebenen Homilien, nebst Untersuchungen über ihre Echtheit. Herausgegeben von A. Napier. 1883, etc. See English Memorials. Sammlung Englischer Denkmäler, etc. Bd.4, etc. 1880, etc. 8°. 12268. f.5.