Predicasts F&S Index

Title Predicasts F&S Index
Coverage Dates 1994-current
Notes Two CD-ROM disks, one for US coverage, the other for International, provide full text of brief articles and exerpts of longer articles. Covers all manufacturing and service industries and a wide range of business- and technology-related subjects. International disc covers English and foreign language newspapers and trade magazines. Foreign language texts are translated into English. Covers sources from Europe, Asia, and Latin America. Full text is available for over 180 titles. Journal List via FirstSearch; Journal List via ISI. See also related title: Predicasts PROMT.
University of Denver
F&S index plus text. IAC, vended by SilverPlayyer.

Guide to Reference Books (Balay): CH337
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Predicasts F&S index United States. Cleveland, OH: Predicasts, Inc., 1980- .

Guide to Reference Books (Balay): CH337
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Predicasts F&S index. International annual. Cleveland, OH: Predicasts, Inc., 1979- .

Guide to Reference Books (Balay): CH337
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